How A Personal Injury Experience Can Change The Way You View Your Patients Forever.

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As a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in traumatic brain and spinal injuries, I have sometimes wondered how much pain my patients may actually be in. No more, as I am now on crutches with a grade 3 ankle sprain combined with a fractured talus bone. All I can say is how a personal injury experience can change the way you view your patients forever.

How does someone 40 years old, who exercises daily get such an injury ? Actually just a little horseplay with my 15 year old daughter did the trick. I guess the better man, or in my case, girl won. Literally in about 30 seconds and I was now unable to even stand or walk,

The road to just getting diagnosed and treated really let me walk in the shoes, or leg brace, of my patients.

It began with a trip to an urgent care center, digital x-ray and my first brace. That was short lived as the pain and swelling continued. A trip to the ER next day, another set of x-rays and another brace. That lasted about one day then the trip to the orthopedic clinic for a digital scan and a rigid longer leg brace.

After 2 weeks I can finally walk without crutches, but the swelling and pain has been constant. I didn’t mention taking showers with a lawn chair and sleeping on my back with an elevated leg.

I am now returning to work and can tell you, when a patient with a broken leg or ankle injury tells me they are in pain, I can actually say, I know how you feel and mean it.

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